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A collection of Python exercises.
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* What is REPL?
* Whats an IDE and why would you use one?
* Name 3 python IDEs.
* What is the extension for a python code file?
* What does the \n character do?
* Given a variable x, how do we output it to the screen?
* How can we get variable x as numeric input?
* how can we get variable x as text input?
* How can we print multiple variables on one line?
* What is a boolean?
* Which does an if statement do?
* What does a for loop do?
* How do you define a function?
* What is the difference betweeen a for and while loop?
* Create a list containing the values 1 to 10.
* What is the try-catch block for?
* Create a try-catch block given keyboard input.
* What is a tuple? define it.
* What is a dictionary? define it.
* Why would you use modules?
* How can you define a comment in Python?
* What is a regular expression?
* What is elif?
* What is a nested loop?
* Is there a difference between try-catch and try-except?
* What is an expanded for loop?
* What is a string?
* How can we create a substring?

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